How to maintain a healthy weight?

If you want to lose weight it is very important to have a plan. Following a diet can help you lose weight and maintain a healthy weight for years. But after the diet, don't just shout "Hurrah!" and return to unhealthy eating habits. This would result in a yo-yo effect. Here are some clever tricks that will help you maintain a healthy weight and slim figure:

Hello 2012_120*2403. Support. With a friend, coach, a group or a weightloss coaching website which will keep you motivated.
1. Consistency. After reaching the proper weight and exercise do not stop to eat healthy. You can gradually increase the caloric content of food, but equivalence is a workout. In this way you will be sure that they do not get fat.

2. Weight control. According to a study by the International Journal of Behavioral Nutrition and Physical Activity People who weigh in daily or weekly reach (and retain) better results in weight loss than those who weigh less.

4. Treating food as nourishment rather than fun. Very often we do not eat for the fact that we are hungry, but with a thousand other reasons. Reaching for the candy bar because we had a bad day, eat chips in front of TV to provide a better climate, we take advantage of the availability of five types of dough at a party ... Consider whether you would you have wanted for a bowl of boiled chicken and steamed broccoli? If the answer is 'no', you're not really hungry.

5. Motivation. I still remember why you took such a goal. Appends to this list more reasons in a moment of doubt, remember that the reward that awaits you is worth a few sacrifices.


  1. All foods should be included from beyond diet reviewsin the right amounts and fast safe weight loss can focus on easy to accomplish fixes like portion control and healthier food choices. But how long it will take to see the results? Well, to keep the talking realistic, it is NOT like the other companies that will say "ok, after one week, you will get the slim body!!" with Proactol, you need 120 days to see the results and achieve the target.

  2. def some great advice!!

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    Links to Google Earth showing parts of a possible Nazi base on Canadian soil

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