The Starch Group

Starch - the main reserve material of plants. It provides almost 25% of total daily energy. Foods containing starch gives a feeling of satiety and reduces hunger a long time. Structure of starch grains is varied and specific to particular plants,

Inulin - occurs in the tubers of dahlia, artichoke, chicory. It consists of fructose. It is a polysaccharide, which in digestion, absorption, excretion is not subject to any changes (sugar test)

Glycogen - reserve material of animal organisms and yeast. Muscle glycogen is mainly used to provide energy for their work. Glycogen in liver is used directly as a source of glucose for the brain and red blood cells. The liver can not synthesize it. Glycogen is broken down into glucose,

Chitika - polysaccharide built only with N-acetylglucosamine. Not exposed to animal and plant enzymes. Is the main supporting and building material of some bacteria, fungi, insects, crustaceans.

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