Life after 50

Researchers say that many people who are over 50 years old are fianlly able to concentrate on their own needs. Sense of security, stability and financial situation of life, a successful relationship and happy family - what more could you want?

Four in ten 50-year-olds stress that are more satisfied than at any other time in their lives. Many admit that they enjoy their own professional success, are also proud of the life path we have chosen for their children. It is crucial in giving a sense of happiness surveyed are frequent meetings with the family and a rich social life.

Nearly two-thirds of the over-50s feel more confident than ever. 85 percent. acknowledges that the things that worried them when they were 20 or 30 years are no longer relevant to them. One third of respondents admitted that no longer worry about my looks.

Ways to strengthen the resilience of children

Microbes like places where easily can change their hosts. Schools and kindergartens are the best example. During the season for infection, attendance in classes and nursery falls, as on an inclined plane. However, the increase of disease in children occurs at the beginning of the school year. Child's immune system, which at the beginning of the school year is experiencing severe stress, is significantly weakened. Therefore, about 3 week of September, the doctors note the significant increase in annual incidence of upper respiratory tract infections among students and preschoolers. Immune system (immune) obtains full and complete defense capability maturity until about 12 years of age. Unfortunately, not always able to respond effectively. Sporadic infections is a normal thing. The situation becomes serious when a child gets sick almost constantly. Continuous respiratory tract infections lead to a reduction in resistance. Common cold can then finish the complication, such as pneumonia or myocardial infarction. Resistance to all the body's mechanisms that protect us against the ingress of microorganisms. What can I do to strengthen your immune system and not be harassing viruses and bacteria?

Poland next year!

If you're (and you most probably are NOT) into football like me... And by football I mean "soccer", not american football! Then you could be coming to Poland next year. EURO 2012 Poland-Ukraine. Perfect opportunity to meet Polish friends and see some good kicking.


Fantastic family portal in Danish (if you speak Danish of course:). - waht a great idea! I visit this website regularly and can definately recommend it to people who have like reading the family stauff!

Abdominal pain during pregnancy

A friend who is pregnant has these symptoms: her stomach hurts from the navel to the top. This is the seventh month, a big belly, but she never had it before. I had similar pain in the second and subsequent pregnancy - it hurt my skin in the upper abdomen (when it was already large), the right side, especially when I wanted to bend down. Doctors have suspected some problems with my liver, but studies have ruled out this option, in the end diagnosis was not final. I've got my idea that it is strongly stretched abdominal muscle that was giving me hell, a little lubrication ointments helped, but I was scared to use them for longer time.

Traveling with young children

5 tips on traveling with children:

1. Even if your previous experience of traveling with a child were not the best, try to put them behind. The child grows up, matures to certain matters. A child can sense your mood. If you'll be upset and taken over what once had happened - your child will become anxious.

2. Packing stuff for the trip, encourage your child to packed their toys. It is important that the child felt the weight of events and the joy of travel.

3. Do not be lazy, do not take your TV with you. Instead of watching cartoons on the DVD's more likely to play with you. It will be happier and better endure the journey.

4. Say rhymes, sing songs to pass the time.

5. Ensure good visibility of the child, for example, place the seat in the middle of the back seat. A child learns by observing the world. Scientists believe that man has never subsequently acquires the knowledge as fast as in the first 10 years of age. Take advantage of this fact.