At the beginning of the twentieth century discovered the link between cardiovascular disease and cholesterol. Increased levels of "bad" cholesterol and free blood plasma triacylglycerols in the most important risk factors for atherosclerosis. When the blood flows freely through the blood vessels, along with her to each cell are delivered nutrients and oxygen essential for life. Circulate in the blood of the compounds, which can damage the inside of our arteries (eg free radicals). The resulting damage in this way makes in these areas begin to settle fatty substances (mainly cholesterol) and platelets. Formed deposits that impede blood flow to many organs. Thus, to reach them, less and less oxygen, and progressive hypoxia leads to organ failure. Usually does not cover all the narrowing of the arteries, appears only on certain sections. The most common concerns of the coronary arteries that bring blood to the heart. However, remember that cholesterol is also a precursor of many important and necessary for the proper functioning of the body compounds such as sex hormones, adrenal hormones, vitamin D, bile acids.

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