Ways to strengthen the resilience of children

Microbes like places where easily can change their hosts. Schools and kindergartens are the best example. During the season for infection, attendance in classes and nursery falls, as on an inclined plane. However, the increase of disease in children occurs at the beginning of the school year. Child's immune system, which at the beginning of the school year is experiencing severe stress, is significantly weakened. Therefore, about 3 week of September, the doctors note the significant increase in annual incidence of upper respiratory tract infections among students and preschoolers. Immune system (immune) obtains full and complete defense capability maturity until about 12 years of age. Unfortunately, not always able to respond effectively. Sporadic infections is a normal thing. The situation becomes serious when a child gets sick almost constantly. Continuous respiratory tract infections lead to a reduction in resistance. Common cold can then finish the complication, such as pneumonia or myocardial infarction. Resistance to all the body's mechanisms that protect us against the ingress of microorganisms. What can I do to strengthen your immune system and not be harassing viruses and bacteria?

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