Traveling with young children

5 tips on traveling with children:

1. Even if your previous experience of traveling with a child were not the best, try to put them behind. The child grows up, matures to certain matters. A child can sense your mood. If you'll be upset and taken over what once had happened - your child will become anxious.

2. Packing stuff for the trip, encourage your child to packed their toys. It is important that the child felt the weight of events and the joy of travel.

3. Do not be lazy, do not take your TV with you. Instead of watching cartoons on the DVD's more likely to play with you. It will be happier and better endure the journey.

4. Say rhymes, sing songs to pass the time.

5. Ensure good visibility of the child, for example, place the seat in the middle of the back seat. A child learns by observing the world. Scientists believe that man has never subsequently acquires the knowledge as fast as in the first 10 years of age. Take advantage of this fact.

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