Baby's first word

The child is growing rapidly and at different stages of development need other assistance in learning to speak. Learn step by step, how to talk to your baby to get faster przyswajało another word.

Small baby

Talk to your child as much as possible. When they dress, cook - tell him what you are doing. Roo has no idea what you're saying, but "befriended" the language.
Imitate the sounds that a child seems like "a-gu", "eee." Your child will like and will gaworzyło more!

Older Baby

Talk to your child slowly, clearly and in short sentences. Use simple words.
Give your child a chance to respond to you, never, do not interrupt him. Because although the baby still does not say, it begins to understand the words often repeated in the circumstances known to him. For example, can happily tell anyone when you suggest to him to walk or swim.
Read your child rhymes. If it is not boring, even several times a day.
Show your child books with bright and colorful pictures. Show and call objects in the drawings.
Teach your child a short and meaningful gestures like "bye-bye," goodbye, or "halo-halo" to the phone.

Children between 1-3 years

Talk to your child normally, do not use terms which are used by a child.
Does not simplify the words under the excuse that the child will understand it more, for example, "Ciuciu" instead of candy.
Talk to your child, do not zdrabniając words.
Kids still not correct, because zniechęcisz her to speak.
Listen to your child - let them know that you are interested in what you say. Encourage him to continue the conversation.
Try to patiently answer any questions.
Ask your child to favor those who did, such as the grandmother in the park. In this way, will have to focus and find the right words.
Read your child stories, poems, sing to him. Encourage repeated to you, and if you want your baby to learn simple poem.
Behold the picture books together and talk about them. Will be enriched thanks to his vocabulary.

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