Online threats and cyberstalking

Below you'll find extracts from a research among school children with real life examples. Let us remember that the schoolchildren's psyche is very fragile, and such experiences can lead to loss of confidence, depression, desire of isolation from peers. To protect your child from cyberbullying, you may want to install filtering software / parental controls, so that we can block and control the actions of dręczyciela9 their children when using the Internet.

Violation of the image:
"Someone on our class set up an account and impersonated to be me, and there are my pictures from various school trips and swimming pool. These pictures are horrible! All of them are watching now and laugh at me. A data write that I am willing and such horrible things. I was very ashamed."

"Apparently, one girl put on his blog a story about me. He writes there, untrue things that offend me, and the worst is that my data is given there, and my ICQ, so that others can write to me, what I am stupid ... "

"The last time someone breaks appear on e-mail my daughter. Her friends receive allegedly from her various messages (including obscene content), while it is not the recipient. Called me today one of the girlfriends mother's daughter and was indignant to such proceedings. I could hardly explain that it's not my daughter. "

"Once I talked with one Krzysiek chatting and I thought it was my friend. He's probably in love with me. But I did not want it to be something more. Unfortunately, once I sent him some very personal photos, and now he says that if you do not meet with him, he will send those photos to my parents and teachers in our classroom ".

The question: do you know to whom you can ask for help in a situation where you witness or victim of an Internet crime? - 234 persons stated that they know who to ask (parents, police, teachers), but did not know about the organization Helpline. There is also a page dyzurnet. com, where you can anonymously report found online illegal content. Dyżurnet recorded a month after hundreds of applications, most of which relates to pornographic material involving młodzieży.

The problem for young victims of the Internet and addressing this is one of the key issues emerging information society. It is extremely important that teachers and parents to know as much about the dangers generated through Internetu11 and how to counteract them.

If you are concerned about cyberstalking visit StalkInfo for information about cyberstalking law. you will find a list of useful resources on this page, as well as you can check if someone is stalking you on the Internet.

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