New child in the family

You're pregnant. That's for sure. In a few months there will be another member of your family. Belly will grow and you can not hide it even, and perhaps above all, from the child. How to tell your baby that will have a sibling? And we can hardly speak?

Children are extraordinary observers. You can not hide anything from them. For sure you'll have to tell the prospective older brother or sister that you expect their second child. When is the best to do this depends on the current age of the child. Elder can be said about this earlier, because it has a lot to understand. With the consent of your doctor, you can even take on an ultrasound. Then the child is someone special. He participates in family life. However, if two or three year old might want to wait until the pregnancy becomes visible. It is good to encourage your child to stroking, hugging growing tummy. Talk of the unborn baby. Behold the cartoons on this subject, read the book.

When a baby comes into the world also need to remember the role of siblings. Toddler can go with my dad to the hospital after a new family member with a gift of their choice for him. The child will be proud of, where it will provide your little brother or sister was visiting friends and family. Let him not feel left out. Interest should also be focused on him. If it is able to use the opportunity to leave a newborn in the care of my dad, and you select a child for a walk or ice cream.

It should talk to the children and prepare them to expand the family. They can be incorporated in the joint custody of the baby. Sam also should have a moment of quiet reflection and awareness of one's own feelings about pregnancy. It should provide future brothers and sisters, your joy and positive energy associated with the emergence of another child.

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