Diet in the 11th and 12th month of infancy

In 11 and 12 months of feeding the infant assimilates more and more to feeding an older child. Vegetables for a soup or mash coarsely shredded and did not wipe the screen. baby to get used to chewing and biting. Instead, we can give a child meat in soup or in a slurry of vegetable or lean ham finely chopped sirloin. We can also give baby fresh sausages previously boiled in water, peeled and pounded. The meat is served in the form of cooked pulpetu, and sometimes in the form of fried in butter or oil Chop (do not blush very fat). Introducing savory cream cheese with chives, and apart from the egg yolks and whole soft-boiled or cooked by steaming. We begin to give the baby milk ukiszone (special kwaszącymi tablets) or in the form of kefir or yogurt in addition to noodles, and cast a small short pasta or zacierki shredded on a grater. Infants more frequently can benefit from food intended for the whole family (soups, vegetables, potatoes, cooked meat, etc.), but should adapt to the needs of the infant.

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