Diet in the 6th and 7th month

The 6-7 month baby can receive porridge półgęstą feeding spoon (per 100 g of milk porridge 6-7 g and 5 g sugar). Porridge can be mixed before serving with grated apple or osłodzonym przetartymi fruits (strawberries, raspberries, strawberries). After eating half a thick porridge baby can receive up to bout a little tea bath or compote. It is better to drink a spoon instead of a baby pacifier, and 6-7 month can no longer teach them to drink from a cup (a cup and a teaspoon of it is easier to keep clean than a bottle and pacifier.) Infants older instead of semolina porridge can be administered in Krakow, corn, oats, rice cooked until soft, etc. We can also cook the porridge on the water and add the grated cheese and grated apple with sugar.

In the 6th month introduce meat and mashed vegetables. As for the grade of meat, it can be applied to any lean meat, so: veal, lean beef, pork (loin, ham), mutton, as well as rabbit meat, poultry and freshwater fish, preferably freshly caught. The giblets can give the baby a fresh liver, thymus, heart, brain and tongue. The meat is served very softly cooked and shredded to a pulp (minced, chopped, scraped), and then again boiled with the soup. broth, or slurry with the vegetables.

prepared paste. Baby prepare curd of milk curd, nieprzekiszonego, previously boiled, acidified kwaszącymi special tablets. Cottage cheese made ​​with milk nieprzegotowanego not suitable for infants because it is heavily contaminated with coliforms. Slurry of curd are prepared with milk, sugar and possibly biscuit. Paste with curd is served as a separate baby food instead of breast-feeding or a mixture instead of milk. Therefore, the nutritional value portion must match the value of the meal. Since the difference between the volume of servings of milk and curd portion of the slurry reaches 50%. as an adjunct to volume (quantity), enter the tea with sugar or milk.

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