Diet in the 9th and 10th month

At 9 and 10 month essentially introducing new foods we try, however, that the child received the most varied diet. Meals during that period are converging more and more meals the child at the age of introducing various soups (not just the mixed vegetables), such as borscht soup, cucumber soup with finely grated cucumber soup chosen cauliflower, kohlrabi soup, etc., various different grits and more coarsely chopped fruit. eg pounded strawberries tomato juice from oranges in half crosswise przekrajanych simply choose a spoon along with the flesh. Apples served peeled and divided into parts directly to the bite. In winter, fresh fruit compote partially replace, dried fruit jelly, fruit mousse jabłecznym and frozen (the latter can be used in canned fruits and jellies). At this time, we introduce the breakfast bread or roll pytlowy with butter and grain coffee or cocoa.

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