Artificial feeding of infants

In case of inability of natural feeding, or mixed, we are forced to use artificial feeding, namely that instead of food from the breast of the mother gives the infant liquid food prepared from cow's milk, ie. milk mixture. The results of this diet are generally worse than the exclusive or partial breast-feeding. This confirms the higher morbidity and increased mortality of artificially fed children, suggesting that breastfed infants are more resistant to any kind of infection.

Despite the very significant progress in the technique of artificial nutrition is not yet known such a mixture nutrition, which could replace food entirely feminine. Although well-mastered technique of artificial feeding can reduce the negative influences, but we will not be able to 'protect the infant milk microbiological purity and composition that has breast milk. This is because the composition of breast milk and cow's milk differs not only quantitatively but also qualitatively. This applies primarily to the protein bodies. Dilution of cow's milk in this way that the percentage of protein was the same as in breast milk, yet make them like these two foods, since both a type of protein in breast milk and amino acid composition is different, and by diluting the milk does not get the similarity, only exacerbates . Protein both in human milk, cow's milk as it is specific to the species and can not be totally replaced.

A further important difference is that the infant from the mother's breast sucking food is always fresh, unaltered, while still alive, no pollution, while cow's milk goes a long trek from time to time milking it to provide the infant with the result that is often contaminated and infected with bacteria. Such a diet is the healthiest baby.

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