Milk powder mix

It is better however to use the milk powder in artificial feeding and prepare a fresh mix for each meal, thereby avoiding the complications of long-term storage of mixtures and the possibility of digestive disorders in infants as a result of poisoning. In addition to milk, all the other products that we use for infant feeding, must be absolutely fresh and high quality and properly stored, because the infant digestive system is extremely sensitive and products that can successfully be used by adults or even older children, infants may cause problems in digestion. This applies to both fruit and vegetables, and flour products. such as flour, cereal, and butter, eggs, meat, sugar, etc.

Maintaining absolute purity is valid not only for preparing compounds and handling of milk, but also in preparing extra meals intended for infants, which include: vegetable soup and mash with vegetables, fruit juices, milk-semolina porridge, meat, sawn, mash cottage cheese, etc. Feeding infants. Regardless of whether the infant is fed breast milk or fed artificially, or receives a mixed diet, more or less the same time introducing the infant feeding by the introduction of prepared foods in addition to replace a meal with the child or the mother's breast milk mixture. As the child's growth and gradually extending feeding, and we reduce the order meals from the mother's breast milk or a mixture of doing so by the end of the first year of life.

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