Preparing the meal - artificial feeding of infants

The most important condition for the artificial feeding an infant is that the cow's milk is full fat, of excellent quality and free from bacterial contamination. If we can not provide liquid milk such a high quality milk powder we use first grade. Milk powder, among other advantages, it has the advantage over liquid milk that a baby makes them independent from the supply of liquid milk and the mother may at any time to prepare fresh baby food. It is very important, especially in hot weather, as liquid milk spoils easily if most appropriate temperature for storing milk is + 4 ° C, because only we can stop this temperature for several hours microbial growth. As at home in the absence of refrigerators and cold storage to obtain the temperature is often impossible, milk and blend for babies cool in running water, so as to obtain a temperature of about 10 ° C (assumed to tap adapted diameter hose, put a pot of stone, in which zakapslowanych bottles stored milk or infant formula, and so regulate the current of water that the water flowed very slowly into the pot and spilling over the top very slowly drifting away.) Cooling and milk mixtures in this manner is necessary in the summer, especially in those cases where we store them overnight for the morning feeding. The water flowing from the pot into a bowl or tray to be used for farming purposes (washing, etc.).

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